"Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result. Oscar Wilde

HEALTHone80 offers a unique blend of services designed to address the problem of how we purchase healthcare in a local marketplace. In each community we serve, our objective is to remove the Firewall that exists between the consumer and healthcare provider, and then structure the use of insurance in an appropriate and efficient manner.

The ingredients of a best-in-class purchasing model include the following:

Cash Accounts - where the individual spends and takes ownership of funds

Choice - where a Health Plan is selected based on fitting an individual's need and ability to choose care

Medical Quality / Value - best-of-breed medical providers are organized and offer proven value directly with consumers

            Population Health - we measure and monitor the provision of quality medical care 


 Local Employers

 Employee Benefit Solutions

      Medical Plan Performance Analysis

     Medical Plan Renewal Evaluation

     Negotiate Fully-Insured Rates with Carriers

     Medical Plan Re-Design Solutions

     Build New Plan Strategy and Design (B2C)

     Employee Engagement and Education Process

     Routine Management Meetings and Reporting

     Self-Insurance Evaluation

     Population Health Evaluation

     Build Dedicated Local Provider Networks


Healthcare Providers

B2C Strategy and Implementation

     B2C Business Plan, including Provider Agreements

     Build the Provider Network and Contracting Vehicle

     Population Health Analytics

Physician Analytics

Employer Analytics

     Network (PHO/IPA) Management Services

     Clinical Integration Development

     B2C Employer Collaboration Plan

Establish Governance and Participation Forum

Establish Reimbursement Plan

Marketing Plan

     Manage Data Integration Platform (HIE)


Other Services

Healthcare Providers

     Develop a "Network" Group Health Program for Affiliated provider members

     Develop a Medical Liability Program for Affiliated provider members

     Create an appropriate environment for physician-hospital alignment

     Design the investment & ownership structure

     Build the organizational structure & budgets

     Establish physician working committees

     Build Practice and Network IT infrastructure

     Create the physician business assistance program

     Practice Management Services


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