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Employee Benefits Administration • Insurance • Payroll • Human Resources


You did not start your business to handle the complexities of running a business... You want to DO Business!

Our Services.

50+ years of in-depth knowledge and experience within Employee Benefits Administration.

Our Platform Will Free You From:

  • Insurance Guidance: Plan Design, Quote Plans, Claims Assistance, Plan Comparison, Application Submission
  • Claim Analytics: Plan Design & Selection Support, Plan Disruption Analysis, Employee Retention Strategies.
  • Compliance & Legislation: ACA & DOL Compliance, HR Assistance, Employee Handbook, Online Enrollment, Employee Portal/HR Intranet
  • Managed Payroll: Payroll Processing, Administration, Onboarding, Reporting, Compliance,
  • Human Resource: Salary Management, Legal/Compliance, Training
  • Innovation/Proprietary Products: Direct-to-Provider Health Plan, Wellness Program, Custom Payroll Automation

LEAD when most are LED

The Healthone80 Platform better enables you to LEAD,...let others be LED by the activities required by Employe Benefit Programs, Payroll and Human resource necessities.

Business conducted in the 21st Century evolves, requiring Leaders to change. We do not want things to stay the same. You do not want a 3-year old to stay a 3-years old. No, we want to grow and improve..

Outsourcing your Benefit Plan Administration, Insurance, Payroll and Human Resources to Healthone80 is LEADING...and, growing!

We help you make smart decisions
Our Philosophy.

We help you make smart decisions

Our solutions are creative, innovative and serve as the catalyst for inherent long-term change that is critical to true healthcare reform in this nation.

Specialized Advisers providing Personalized Solutions
Our Promise

Specialized Advisers providing Personalized Solutions

HEALTHone80 differentiates its advisory services with professionals who have in-depth knowledge and experience from within healthcare delivery. This experience is key to the change necessary to transform local markets into efficient healthcare economies that provide high quality and value to their local constituents.

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HEALTHone80 designs solutions tailored specifically for local employers and healthcare providers