Health insurance rates continue to rise at an unsustainable rate. 

Where is the money going?

The traditional healthcare business model has run its course.

Employers and individuals represent today's new healthcare consumer. The old Business-to-Business ("B2B") model deployed by Insurance Carriers has run its course and consumers are now demanding transparency and value. This new consumer is demanding fundamental system-wide change where the insurance carrier no longer:

•    Decides on plan features and design for the employer and individual

•    Knows and hides the true pricing and costs of healthcare

•    Shops the market on behalf of the consumer

•    Decides on what the consumer pays and how much they can afford

•    Keeps the savings within the insurance company

Employers and consumers are sending a new message into the Healthcare Marketplace.

This is what they are telling us:

•    Lose the mumbo jumbo - Employers don’t understand healthcare terminology or economics.

•    Show us the quality – Employers want to have a direct connection to the physicians and nurses that are providing care for them and their employees.

•    Demonstrate efficiency & coordinated care – Coordinated care leads to healthier employees, better management of chronic conditions, fewer days of work lost and ultimately lower costs.

•    Where is the transparency? – Employers want to know the cost of services on the front end. They want to see the value.

•    Tiered networks are OK – Restricted networks are acceptable. Costs must be controlled.


HEALTHone80’s process exposes the traditional insurance carrier and broker strategies designed to control financing and protect their income and profits.

The HEALTHone80 solution is designed to allow the consumer to regain control over:

•    Medical Plan Strategy - uses business-to-consumer, "B2C", strategies for rate stability and future program affordability (THE "B2C" PROCESS IS KING)

•    Medical Plan Design - minimizes or avoids insurance carrier renewal increases OR moves plan to affordable self-insurance alternative (CHOICE and ACCESS)

•    Employee Benefit Program - develops comprehensive strategy to assure efficiency and avoids duplicity of coverage (VALUE, QUALITY and TRANSPARENCY)

•    Account Management – develops long-term strategy addressing client cost and quality objectives (ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT TEAM)

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

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