FUNDAMENTAL Change in Healthcare is needed 

HEALTHone80 has developed a strategic business model designed to re-take control of local health care delivery. Operating within a defined health economic zone or HEZ, our business model equips healthcare providers with the requisite tools necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s health care economy. HEALTHone80 offers a multidisciplinary approach for hospitals, physicians and employers based on our in-depth understanding of the operational, financial, clinical and strategic implications for health care providers … we have walked in your shoes. Our model has been created for healthcare providers who are prepared to re-take control of healthcare financing, expand their revenue base to a new rail and start the process to "balance" FFS reimbursement with value–based medicine.

Why are PROVIDERS experiencing increased pressure on operating margins?

The market forces driving radical change in health care today are as follows:

·      Unsustainable health care costs are driving reform at all levels

·      Economic misalignment exists at almost every attachment point in the marketplace

·      The current system contains little or no incentive to manage costs

·      Healthcare delivery today exists in ‘silos’ of fragmented care and information

·      Pressures on the operating margins of healthcare systems are likely to worsen in the short-term

While some health systems have maintained operating margins, many are experiencing increased financial pressures. These pressures will likely worsen as government replaces private payers and new health insurance exchange products mature, carrying higher premium costs for consumers. Faced with uncharted economic challenges, healthcare systems must adopt innovative approaches to reposition their business and ensure their future success.

Over the past 4 decades health care providers have allowed insurance carriers to take control of the health care “value” equation. In essence, a health care provider’s local market value has been given over to the carrier by nature of a homestead - the principle by which one gains ownership of an unowned natural resource by putting it to use. In today’s health care economy providers have lost control by simply sitting on the sidelines allowing a third party to gain control of their profession in the local HEZ.

The HEALTHone80 Provider Collaboration Model
Business-To-Consumer ("B2C")

Our approach is founded in our belief that implementing our “Business-To-Consumer” (B2C) model is not an objective in itself but a means to achieving an overarching strategy to protect and preserve the healthcare providers' mission while protecting the physician’s oath to Hippocratic medicine.

Develop and Implement a Health Plan for the LOCAL Hospitals, Physicians and Employers

This objective will be achieved by…

-       Creating a LOCAL consumer-directed health plan that offers alternatives to existing insurance products sold to employers today

-       Delivering a network of LOCAL providers direct to employers at an affordable cost

The HEALTHone80 B2C Toolset

HEALTHone80’s turnkey program assembles the engine for a local B2C Health Plan without incurring the risk or financial investment associated with developing an insurance company for local consumers. The B2C development requires a robust toolset. Depending on a hospital’s present structure, some tools may already be in place. It is likely that you will need tools to complete the structure needed to realize ability to control your success under the new Healthcare economic model presented by Healthcare Reform. Our model combines ALL elements that operate within the new health insurance delivery system, as shown below.

Benefit Solutions