50+ years of experience with
in-depth knowledge and experience within healthcare delivery.

HEALTHone80 began as a healthcare advisory firm founded in 2013 by a group of senior healthcare executives who understood that, in order to survive, our healthcare system needed a better way to connect healthcare consumers with their healthcare providers. It was our belief that the solution would be a local one. We didn’t like the healthcare system that served us as individual consumers and we were determined to help build a new future for healthcare, one community at a time.

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

Desmond E Joiner Principal

Desmond Joiner
Desmond is an experienced healthcare advisor having deep experience in employer-sponsored health plans, associations, and network-based product development. His work history includes Major Insurance Carriers, Major Healthcare Organizations and Health/Insurance Start-ups. Desmond is adept at working with boards, communities and other stakeholders to forge a consensus and drive to a common goal.

Desmond graduated from Georgia State University in 1985 with a Degree in Business Administration, with a major in Corporate Finance. Mr. Joiner has experience across the full spectrum of the healthcare delivery system through a 25-year career involving communities from Florida to Alaska.

C Robert Stanley Principal

C Robert Stanley
Bob has held leadership positions with several nationally-renown healthcare organizations such as CIGNA Healthcare, HCA and Emory Healthcare. He has over 25 years of experience across the healthcare continuum, most recently leading the largest division within Emory Healthcare’s Emory Specialty Associates. Drawn to consulting as a means to effect change in a troubled and unsustainable healthcareindustry, Bob joined the firm in 2013. His focus is centered on empowering HEALTHone80 clients through periods of change. He has an extensive analytical background, earned his MBA from the University of Florida, and is a member of MGMA and American Institute of CPAs.

Bob is experienced in forging partnerships that further an organization’s mission and strategy. By nature, he follows a servant-style leadership approach, encouraging professional and personal development with an emphasis on team communication and motivation. His objective with each client is to connect the HEALTHone80 team with an identifiable client vision that is lived out every day, one that people can remember and transfer to their daily roles within each organization. His practice focuses on physician practice services, physician compensation, network development and management, including risk-sharing arrangements, physician-hospital relations and joint ventures and strategic planning.

Our Corporate Values

HEALTHone80 differentiates its advisory services with professionals who have in-depth knowledge and experience from within healthcare delivery. This experience is key to the change necessary to transform local markets into efficient healthcare economies that provide high quality and value to their local constituents.

We have personally experienced healthcare providers, insurance carriers and traditional health insurance brokers seeking to maintain the status quo, likely for reasons solely related to preservation of income. We are determined to expose these stakeholders’ motives and we will not be deterred by local politics and traditional long-term business relationships.

This is what makes HEALTHone80 different. Our solutions are creative, innovative and serve as the catalyst for inherent long-term change that is critical to true healthcare reform in this nation.

B2C Strategies

B2C Strategies

While some health systems have maintained operating margins, many are experiencing increased financial pressures. Faced with uncharted economic challenges, healthcare systems must adopt innovative approaches to reposition their business and ensure their future success.

Self Insured Plans

Self Insured Plans (SIP)

More than just self-funding, the SIP Group of Companies is a cohesive group of businesses that work together to provide innovative solutions that keep your employees and plan members healthy, your healthcare expenses in check and your benefit options open.

Practice Management Services

Practice Management Services

HEALTHone80 and our network management team helps providers keep costs low for employers. We find and maintain an appropriate environment for physician-hospital alignment for providers and help build the organizational structure & budgets.

Practice Management Services

Dominion Payroll

Dominion Payroll offers payroll, HR, timekeeping, and pre-employment solutions to meet all of your business needs. Our dedication to customer service has helped DP grow to thousands of clients ranging in size from 1 to 2,500 employees, and we have a wealth of experience helping clients of all shapes and sizes manage the business of employment.

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HEALTHone80 designs solutions tailored specifically for local employers and healthcare providers